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£ 39.99 GBP/Month
The Pet Gundog Club is a monthly subscription membership programme.
The Pet Gundog Club has been set up to help you train your pet gundog, give you guidance and help when the going gets a bit tough, and be there to cheer you on when it's all going rather well.
Your Access Includes:
  • Live monthly masterclasses on all things pet gundog, from puppies to old age and everything in between. 
  • Live monthly Q&A coaching sessions to get immediate help for your pet gundog problems. 
  • Video tutorials that show you how to teach the right things to your pet gundog. 
  • Online courses on puppy training, good manners at home, retrieving, hunting and lead walking.
  • Milestones in training to help you establish the basics before moving on to more advanced training.
  • A downloadable app so that you can watch the training videos while you're out training and catch up with The Pet Gundog Club on the move.
  • A private online forum where you can chat with other members, share wins, and get specialist help and common-sense advice from Lez Graham MA.
  • Plus discounted courses with Lez.
All of this, plus 24-hour access to recordings and replays of all tutorials
for just £39.99 a month.
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